The Final Step to Better Shoes


Help prevent injuries

Myofascial stimulation occurs when the DAT returns stored energy to the Myofascial structures. This stimulation reduces stress on joints, ligaments and tendons to help avoid injuries in the foot, knee and hip area often caused by overuse.

Dynamic Arch Technology (DAT)

DAT engages the muscles of the foot and works in natural synergy with it. It’s a flexible arch which delivers flexible, dynamic arch support with the right level of rigidity. This creates extreme sensory stimulation and midfoot guidance on impact. Then, when released, it returns the stored energy to the foot.

Customized for every foot

Every type of CURREX insole is made in three different arch profiles – high, medium and low. The correct arch profile is combined with the user’s leg axis to find the perfect insoles to keep the foot in its optimal biomechanical position and reduce excessive foot motion within the shoe.

The importance of proper fitting shoes is paramount to maintaining healthy feet as well as avoiding injuries to knees and hips. CURREX technology-driven insoles increase comfort, stability and performance.

  • 1. Deep Decoupled Heel Cup

    For perfect fit, wrap & lock.

  • 2. Bamboo MID LAYER

    For moisture wicking & charcoal to reduce odor.

  • 3. PORON® Heel Cushion

    For shock absoration.

  • 4. 3D Dynamic Arch

    For anatomic support, dynamic stability & less fatigue.

  • 5. PROPO+

    For maximum rebound & powerful propulsion.

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